About Electrowaves Electronics. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

We got the tools

We have state of the art facility which enables us to manufacture industry-leading products.

Certified Experience

Electrowaves Electronics has ISO certification, as a result, we are among the industry leaders.

Competitive Pricing

We provide prices which are hard to match that makes us the industry leaders.

Reliable Team

Our team of experts is highly educated and skilled in their various fields which enables us to provide the customers with products which are up to date.

20 Years Experience

Our experience of 20 years helps to ensure the quality of the products.

Great Support

Providing support has been an essential part of our business that helps maintain long term relationships.

About Electrowaves Electronics

Electrowaves Electronics (P) Ltd can trace its roots to the early days of power electronics in India. This company was founded in 1999 for the manufacture of stand-alone UPS systems and Domestic Inverters at Parwanoo in the state of Himachal Pradesh. M/s Electrowaves Electronics (P) Ltd was upgraded from time to time and started manufacturing power converters for Railway Industry, Electrical Panels, Railway Fans and LED Lights for Rail applications during the course of time. We have the capacity and capability to manufacture sheet metal fabrication, Magnetics, PCB assembly, Tools and Dies, etc. and other products using the latest CNC machines.

Electrowaves designs are backed by almost 20 years of field experience and thousands of installations across India. The test and inspection departments are equipped with all modern test facilities. Moreover, we have access to additional certified facilities for Environmental, Shock & Vibration and EMI to name few for producing quality products as required by Railways. We entered into manufacturing of LED lights during the year 2015 and has emerged as a leading manufacturer of all types of LED lights including custom made lights. For more information find us on LinkedIn.

Reasons to Choose Us

Our Strengths

  1. Quality manufacturer of Electrical Power Conversion Systems
  2. Unique Combination of Custom and Standard Design Manufacturing Capabilities
  3. In House Design, Manufacturing and Test Facilities
  4. Manufacturing facilities under one management starting from Sheet Metal fabrication, Magnetics and PCB assemblies
  5. Extensive Experience for the Design, Manufacture and Testing of Power Conversion Systems for Railway Industry

Technical Advantages

  1. Superior State of the art technology
  2. Standard designs to industry specifications
  3. Custom designs to customer requirements
  4. Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical facilities
  5. High Reliability architecture
  6. Modular Construction
  7. Rugged Packing