Specification No. RDSO/PE/SPEC/TL/0091-2016(Rev '1')

Various Types of Railway LED Lights:

Type of LuminaireMaximum Wattage
Type-A (Drg. No. CC76452) 18 Watt
Type-B1 (Drg. No. CC76453)9 Watt
Type-D (Drg. No. LW76092)9 Watt
Type-E (Drg. No. ICF/STD-7-6-053)1 Watt
Type-F1 (Drg. No. LW76093)2 Watt
Type-F2 (Drg. No. LW76094)2 Watt
Type-F3 (Drg. No. LW76095) 2 Watt
Type-F4 (Drg. No. LW76096) 2 Watt
Type-H1 (Drg. No. LW76097)1 Watt
Type-I (Drg. No. LW76098)3 Watt
Type-L (Drg. No. LW76090)18 Watt
Type-M (Drg. No. LW76091)9 Watt+ 1 Watt
Type-N (Drg. No. LW76099)9 Watt
Type-O (Drg. No. LW76100)18 Watt
Type-P (Drg. No. LW76101)--
Type-Q1 (Drg. No. LW76102)2 Watt
Type-Q2 (Drg. No. LW76103) 2 Watt
Type-R (Drg. No. LW76104)18 Watt
Type-T (Drg. No. CC76460)18 Watt

Railway LED Lights Technical Specification:

Input voltage90-140 V AC/DC (90-170 V AC for Type-T)
Color temperature6000 K-7000 K
Power Factor>0.90 up to 4 W and 0.95 above 4 W
THD<15% up to 4 W and <10% above 4 W at full load
ProtectionOver voltage, Short-circuit, Reverse polarity, Surge 3 kV